Want to hear about road closures for play?

A nice audio news piece on road closures for play, as broadcast on the BBC Radio 4 programme PM on Weds 3 August 2011. Featuring the wonderful people at Bristol’s Playing Out campaign, some local Bristolians, and yours truly.

Check out the programme’s blog for some great pics & comments. Thanks to John Sudworth, the reporter, for the recording.

7 responses to “Want to hear about road closures for play?

  1. Playing Out is brilliant! We will try and copy it in our area. Thank you.

  2. Anna – a pleasure, and good luck!

  3. I’m probably being daft but how do we get to listen to this please? Thanks- Gaby

    • Hi Gaby – you should be able to listen to it if you click on the black arrow next to the speaker symbol – just below the para of text. This uses Adobe Flash Player, a free download (a bit like Acrobat reader).
      You will have to download and install this if you don’t have it. I’m not sure what the page looks like if you don’t have it. Maybe the symbols don’t work (or maybe they don’t even appear). Hope this helps – if not, let me know. And – you’re not being daft. You may just have been very helpful!

  4. I am a professional actor and I run (alongside my wife, Debs) The Drama Club, an after school club for children. So this kind of venture resounds strongly with us.
    This is fab . Getting back to a safe sense of freedom that I enjoyed as a kid growing up in Cardiff, but is denied to my own 4 year old daughter living in the very same city.

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