Testimonials & recommendations

OPAL South Australia

In 2014 the state-supported Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle Program (OPAL) in South Australia engaged the services of Tim for the express purpose of generating discussion and inspiring new ways of thinking around contemporary play experiences of children.

“So impressed we were by Tim’s experience, knowledge and sincere commitment to children, that we subsequently supported further visits, most recently in March 2016. During his visits Tim has delivered a range of services that have been eloquently tailored to our local context with an informed eye and agile mind. Tim’s desire to make his work, work for us, has been exemplary. On all occasions Tim ensured he was delivering against the brief and was consistently willing and able to adapt at a moment’s notice if changing circumstances arose. His political acumen is ever present, with Tim repeatedly illustrating his awareness of when to speak up, and what to say when he does.

OPAL has a state-wide focus, but is operational in local communities where children live, learn and play. Consequently Tim’s ability to adapt his message and delivery-style to connect with a diversity of audiences was regarded as a key strength. On one trip he literally moved between playing in a local creek with children and their families, to presenting to the Minister for Health and a collection of Mayors from all OPAL communities. All with seeming ease and message dexterity.

We have found Tim to be a well prepared and organised professional with excellent content knowledge in his area of expertise. His easy going manner is a nice fit for the style of OPAL and makes him an effective partner we would recommend to all agencies seeking to impact children’s play experiences in a positive way.”
Fraser Keegan, State Manager, Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle Program, South Australia

Forestry Commission

Growing Adventure report coverIn 2004-5 Tim carried out a value-based strategic review of the Forestry Commission’s approach to outdoor play. Two connected ideas were central to the project: that nature, adventure, challenge and even a little danger are part of the essence of woodland sites and make them ideal places for children to play, and that free play is a valuable developmental and learning process for children of all ages.

“Tim helped the Forestry Commission re-awaken our interest in natural play through his insightful consultancy. He created the ‘Growing Adventure’ theme that still runs through our work with children and young people. As well as delivering important outputs; new guidance and standards; new play areas in every region; Growing Adventure also influenced other environmental organisations approach to play including the Woodland Trust and National Trust. Within the Forestry Commission the consultancy is a benchmark in organisational change, Tim’s technique of engaging managers and rangers with their own childhood memories helped to inspire and engage them with nature play in a way that we had not foreseen at the outset. Tim has the ability to communicate with CEOs and rangers, he is a fantastic individual to work with and the Growing Adventure work remains one of the high points of my career with the Forestry Commission.”
Paddy Harrop, Recreation and Public Affairs Manager, Forestry Commission

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