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Whose fire is it anyway?

Fire in churchyardThis post looks at fires, the value of fire in children’s play and learning, and the sometimes problematic attitudes and actions of the fire authorities. It starts with a personal anecdote. (Its timing on Bonfire Night is kind of coincidental, but kind of not.)

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What would you do with this space?

Disused overgrown tennis courtSome disused, overgrown tennis courts near where we live are going to be converted into a community play garden, and I would love to hear your ideas about what could be done there. I am keen for the garden to be a great place for local children and families: where they can have the kind of playful, hands-on, exploratory experiences of nature that I highlighted in my Sowing the Seeds report.

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The festive spirit comes to Walthamstow

Poster for Wood St festive gatheringAs followers of my facebook page may have spotted, I have been helping to organise a local community event in the Wood Street Plaza – the recently redesigned square that I have mentioned before. The Festive Gathering took place on Saturday afternoon, and I thought I’d give you something of a flavour of what happened.

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Walthamstow’s beachfront

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What prospects for this playful addition to my neighbourhood?

Wood Street fountains 1Back in Walthamstow after some time away, we discover that today the Council has opened a refurbished square in our local shopping street. As you can see from the photo, it includes a row of fountains.

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In the wake of the London riots, we must not tar all children with the same brush

© Rudolf Abraham

I live in one of the areas hit by the London riots. On Sunday night, at least ten shop windows in my local High Street were trashed. Shops at the end of my street have been closing early for the past few days, as a “precautionary measure”. Continue reading