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School playtime bans: a former head speaks out

photo of Juliet RobertsonA few days ago former primary school head teacher Juliet Robertson got in touch after reading my blog post on the school that banned children from having best friends. Juliet is now a leading educational consultant; her blog I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here! is for my money one of the most lively, creative outdoor learning sites on the web. She had some fascinating insights on the topic of school bans, and agreed to share them here. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what Juliet has to say – especially if you have worked in schools yourself.

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Schoolchildren banned from playing hide-and-seek – and that’s just for starters

A school in England has recently banned children from playing hide-and-seek. It has also banned children from writing notes to each other. It has also – and this truly stretches credibility – banned children from having best friends.

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When did you last play hide-and-seek? (Part 2)

Back to that Saturday night game in our friends’ home. We played for over an hour. My abiding memory is of the tingly thrill throughout my body when I was hiding. My breath quickened. My limbs were taut. My muscles strained with the effort of keeping still. Continue reading

When did you last play hide-and-seek? (Part 1)

Hide and seek indoorsLast Saturday we were staying with some long-time friends whose child is the same age as ours. After dinner, in an effort to engage our respective teenage daughters, we agreed that they could choose what game we played. The girls chose hide-and- seek.  Continue reading