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When art meets free play, who wins?

Decorated shop window at Sceaux GardensWhat happens when artists who are used to structured programmes work with children who expect to be able to play freely? This is the question I explore here, in an edited version of a chapter from the book The Cat Came As A Tomato, published by the South London Gallery in 2011.

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Mimicry and mockery: the latest Trafalgar Square sculpture

Bronze statue of rocking horseA quick post to alert you to the latest sculpture on Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth. I haven’t seen it in the flesh, but my initial reaction is: how subversive and playful!

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When did you last play hide-and-seek? (Part 2)

Back to that Saturday night game in our friends’ home. We played for over an hour. My abiding memory is of the tingly thrill throughout my body when I was hiding. My breath quickened. My limbs were taut. My muscles strained with the effort of keeping still. Continue reading