Roll up, roll up! London is Open for Play next week!

Glamis adventure playgroundMy plan to showcase some of London’s most playful places has been in the pipeline for a while. And now it’s around the corner. For all the latest info, follow this link to the mighty Playscapes blog – including handy onward links to the Open House website, with more details and maps for all the venues.

Join in with the visits and tours! (No RSVP needed.) Come along to the seminar! (RSVP please.) Share this post around! (Or the Playscapes one, we don’t mind.) Twitterers, tweet your views! (Use the #openforplay hashtag so others can find them.)

Hope to see lots of you next week.

7 responses to “Roll up, roll up! London is Open for Play next week!

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    Check out the best of London’s playgrounds with well known advocates and lovers of innovative playground design Tim Gill (rethinking childhood) and Paige Johnson (Playscapes). There is a parallel event happening in NYC too in this first ever and hopefully recurring Open for Play. My only disappointment about this great news is that I won’t be able to join all the playground aficionados in London. I’m sure there will be posts in both Tim and Paige’s blogs.

    Félicitations for organizing what is sure to be a great event.

  2. Hoping to come along to the seminar tomorrow and meet you and Paige – looks great – congrats on brilliant initiative!

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    Highly recommended!

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