Designing Streets for Play – Research and Observation – Playing Out

cover of Helen Forman literature review on residential street design published by Playing OutThis is a quick share of a very useful report pulling together key research and other material on designing streets for play. The report was written for the campaigning group Playing Out by Helen Forman, an architect in the housing field and volunteer activator for the group.

I have long argued that making residential streets more child-friendly is crucial to expanding their everyday freedoms. This literature review is an essential resource for anyone who shares this view. Just click here to download a copy.

Helen’s blog post on the report is below.

There’s a house on a corner near where I live in suburban Leeds that makes me happy nearly every time I pass it. Not because it’s anything special architecturally, but because there are almost always children playing in the street outside. Further into town there’s a Victorian terrace, where cycling past once I smiled as I …

Source: Designing Streets for Play – Research and Observation – Playing Out

4 responses to “Designing Streets for Play – Research and Observation – Playing Out

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    Creating friendly streets is vital for proper child development, physical health and well-being for all, and safer communities

  2. Thanks for sharing this Tim! We need to get it out more.

  3. Thanks for sharing this.I believe if streets were designed for play this would be a radical shift in our culture already. Perhaps this redesign would also encourage adults to interact in a more playful way, which in turn could be a model for the children to feel more comfortable to play. I would love to see adults and children in a playful state out on the streets more often.

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