Seattle blazes a hopscotch trail

Call it fate, call it something in the ether, or call it a sign of changing times, but word has reached me of a hopscotch game that will put ten-year-old Lilly Allen’s efforts to shame (not that we’re being competitive). Residents of Seattle are organising a hopscotch trail that is set to go for nearly 2 miles across the Central District – and it’s happening in a couple of weeks!

Seattle Hopscotch CD logoThere are some pop-up adventure play sessions planned too. The event looks like a perfect example of the kind of playful tactical urbanism that is needed if we are to persuade people of all ages out of their cars and back into the streets.

I am sure you will join me in wishing the good folk of Seattle all the best for their 1 June hopscotchathon. They stole the idea from Detroit, it seems. Why don’t you do the same? And if there are any hop-scotchers planning to get along to the Pacific Northwest next month, please drop by here and tell us how it went!

8 responses to “Seattle blazes a hopscotch trail

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Tim! Viva la hopscotch!

  2. Get the chalk out and hopscotch across your playground , your path to school , your path in your street , your local play area. Have fun .

  3. Here’s a plan. A solidarity with Lilly-May giant Hopscotch in Mile End, Tower Hamlets. Thanks for the article Tim.

  4. See new Facebook Page
    Comments welcomed

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