Wild swimming, rope swinging heaven

I hereby invite you to stop whatever it is that you’re doing, and enjoy 2’46” of pure, unadulterated fun. Here is a video of a group of teenage boys making the most of a forest lakeside spot in New South Wales.

I could go on at length about what this video shows about these boys’ agility, their perseverence, their ability to manage risk, their appetite for adventure, their capacity to work as a team, their relationship with nature, their understanding of place and landscape – and their film-making and editing talents. But I won’t. Because it really doesn’t need a sales pitch.

The video was made by Scott Robbé, the son of my friend and fellow natural play enthusiast, the Australian landscape architect Fiona Robbé. Fiona and her family made me very welcome when I visited in May. Maybe next time, if I ask really nicely, Scott will take me to this spot. Here’s hoping.

video still of boy diving into forest lake

14 responses to “Wild swimming, rope swinging heaven

  1. Fantastic, but, Scott, where were the girls!

  2. That’s just fantastic! And yes I want a go too!

  3. Wonderful, although I fear if I tried it now, at 50 yrs of age, something in my back would go pop! It takes me straight back to my childhood, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to have a `Play Memories’ moment.

  4. Reblogged this on PlayGroundology and commented:
    Tim Gill is a ell known voice in the world of play. I only came across him in the last 6 months or so and he’s been very helpful to me on a couple of occasions providing insights and suggestions you can only acquire after years of immersion in a subject. Yes, it seems that Tim is immersed in play. What a fine place to be. I’m reblogging this particular post because of the all important fun element. Thanks Tim, thanks New South Wales lads.

  5. It is fantastic, really nice. But I also wondered… where are the girls?

  6. Well Fiona Robbe gave me the answer

    Clearly Scott is going to be a great Director one day!

  7. Hi Tim Here is an earlier video which has jump rocks and rope swings http://youtu.be/Lp0qXSJFkBQ . (Have I got the link correct?). The girls don’t go, not even to watch. We could speculate on this for hours! I’m going to ask the girls……and get back to you.

  8. I love to go swimming anytime. Night swimming in particuar is a relaxing activity that i enjoy. Daytime swimming also helps me tone down body fats. `;::`

    With appreciation

  9. I must remember to take a rope next time we go to our swimming spot at the river in summer! I remember there was one there years ago one summer. Kids lined up all afternoon to use it.

  10. Hi Len, Linvo – thanks for the comments. I have a plan to make a simple portable, easy-up, easy-down rope swing that I can throw into a backpack for walks. Anyone got any advice/designs? Yes I know there’s google but it’s nice to have a personal recommendation.

  11. i filmed my daughter wildswimming/jumping… first i was hesitant and she was brave, then as she hesitated I egged her on caught up in the excitement, then i woke up at 3 am and thought “what have i done?!” Still not sure! Either way, next time she is wearing a life jacket! As a Forest School leader, however, i am very aware that doing things with your own child is one thing and being responsible for others’ is another.

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